3rd International Conference on Computer Science and Engineering UBMK’18

​UBMK 2018 provides a forum for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent research, innovations, trends, experiences, and concerns in the field of computer science, computer/software/information systems/information security engineering and computational methods.

On the other hand, in parallel with the regular scientific presentations, Heads of Departments of Computer Engineering Council (and other related departments) will meet to discuss the quality issues and problems in the computing field specifically the computing curricula in Turkish Universities as part of the 32rd Convention of the Assembly.

Conference organized by Heads of Computer Engineering Council (BMBB)

The aim of conference

To gather computer engineers, computer sciences, software engineers, information engineers and computer security engineers and academics, researchers as well. Participate new ideas and applications. Develop cooperation between industry and academia.

The theme of conference

The main theme of the conference is Machine Learning and Deep Learning. However, applicants are encourage to submit their original research works in all fields of computing and computational sciences.

All presented papers will be published on IEEE Xplore.

The sub-themes of the conference are:

Main Issues

• Virtualization
• Cloud Computing, Applications and Security
• Information Theory
• Artificial Intelligence and Applications
• Web and Data Mining
• Data Science
• Big Data Analytics
• Web Technologies and Applications
• IoT
• Mobile Computing
• Computer Networks and Applications
• Algorithms and Algorithmic Designs
• Information and Computer Security
• Computer Architectures
• Data Structures
• Programming Languages
• Operating Systems and Applications
• Software Engineering
• Databases Technologies, Applications, and Security

Other and Current Issues

• Search Engines, Applications and Threats
• Forensics and Counter Forensics
• Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
• Semantic Web
• Natural Language Processing
• Green IT
• Software Defined Networks
• Computer Vision
• Signal Processing
• Copyright Protection Approaches
• Big Data Centers, Applications, Analytics, and Security
• Open Sources
• Next Generation Internet Technologies and Protocols
• Cyber laws
• Information Technology
• Governance
• Information Systems Standards
• M2M and Industry 4.0
• Applications in Silicon

Education, Strategies and Policies

• Computer Science and Engineering Education
• New Trends in Computer Engineering
• Quality and Accreditation in Graduate Education
• Country Strategies and Policies
• Audit and Certification in Information Systems
• Engineering and Social Responsibility

Invited Speakers

Faruk Eczacıbaşı
President of Turkish Informatics Foundation

Developments of Informatics
Past, today and future

Faruk Eczacıbaşı
President of Turkish Informatics Foundation
Dr. Gülşen Eryiğit
Faculty member of İTÜ Computer Eng & Informatics Fac.

The Phase of NLP fot Turkish: Normalization, Word Analysis, Name entities and Sentence Analysis,

Dr. Gülşen Eryiğit
Faculty member of İTÜ Computer Eng & Informatics Fac.
Prof. Latif Ladid
Founder & President, IPv6 FORUM, Chair, IEEE ComSoC IoT TsC

The IPv6 Deployment worldwide is becoming a reality now with some countries achieving more than 50 % user penetration with Belgium (58%) at the top ranking (http://labs.apnic.net/dists/v6dcc.html ) and reaching double digits v6 coverage on Google IPv6 stats. Many Autonomous Networks (ASN) reach more than 50% with v6 preferred or v6 capable penetration: (http://labs.apnic.net/ipv6-measurement/Economies/US/ ). Over 500 Million users are accessing Internet over IPv6 and probably not even knowing it. The US was by far the biggest adopter of IPv6 with some 100 Million users, but India has surpassed the US with over 150 M IPv6 users, followed by Germany, Japan and China with some 20 + M users. Worldwide IPv6 deployment has passed the 20 % Google usage bar doubling every 12 months (http://www.google.com/intl/en/ipv6/statistics.html ). If this trend continues, we should achieve 50% by 2020 which would be the inflection point when the full roll-out of IPv6 becomes a strategic plumbing decision of the networks, a topic that is avoided so far due to many strategic and resources issues (lack of top management decision-making, lack of v6 skilled engineers and v6 deployment best practices, very limited ISP v6 access deployment, ..). The deployment of Carrier-grade NAT is in full swing making networking and user experience more brittle. The security and cybersecurity issues are like always brushed over at this stage due mainly to lack of IPv6 security skills. New topics are more on the lime light such as Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, SDN, NFV, 5G. However, these fields are taking IP networking for granted designing them on IPv4/NAT building non-scalable and non-end to end solutions. The IPv6 Forum is driving new initiatives to garner support and create awareness on the impact of IPv6 on topics such as Cloud Computing, IOT, SDN-NFV and 5G.

Prof. Latif Ladid
Founder & President, IPv6 FORUM, Chair, IEEE ComSoC IoT TsC
Dr. Abzetdin Adamov
Director, Center for Data Analytics Research (CeDAR), ADA University

TITLE: Big Data Storage Problems and Solutions – Elephant in the Room Problem.

ABSTRACT: Data is constantly generated people, organizations and machines. We already have huge amounts of Data and it continue to come at high speed much faster than we can process. Also data comes in various formats, so there is no common approach to deal with all data. Big Data Management highly depends of the following three components: Storage Capacity, Processing (Computation) Power and Data Transfer Speed. The speech is devoted to cost effective and fault tolerant solutions those can resolve Data Storage and Transfer problems.

BIO: Dr. Abzetdin Adamov is a director of Center for Data Analytics Research and faculty member at the School of Information Technology and Engineering, ADA University. He is a founding General Chair of several International Conferences and Senior Member of IEEE.
He offers a number of modules in Computer Science and Engineering including Data Science and Analytics.
Dr. Adamov has over 20 years of working experience in cross-sectoral ICT research and application as a developer, solution provider and system designer.

Dr. Abzetdin Adamov
Director, Center for Data Analytics Research (CeDAR), ADA University


The detailed schedule will be ready after all paper are received. The time of chairman’s meeting is 16:00-18:00 hour of first day.

G. Cebiroğlu
10:30-11:00 AM

12:30-14:00 PM

(1. Room) Computer Security : İ. Soğukpınar
(2. Room) Natural Language Processing : Gülşen Cebiroğlu
(3. Room) Information Ethics and Law : E. Adalı
(4. Salon) Büyük Veri : Prof. Dr. Ş. Sağıroğlu

16:00-16:30 PM

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19:00 Dinner at Jablanica

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Two days program fee is 135 € per one person
If you stay in Hollywood hotel for 4 days you have a special price covers hotel and social program:
For single room for one person fee is 300 €
For double room for two person fee is 520€

Participation, Publishing, Certificate

All presented papers will be published:

1- On www.ubmk.org and electronic proceeding.
2- IEEE Xplore  Conference ID: 44321
3- The extended version of selected presentation will be published in Journal of Foundation of Turkish Informatics (TBV)

4. Maximum page is 6, Size is A4. Do not use header, footer and page number.

5. Paper format:   MS Word  or Latex  can be used.

6. Presentation format

8. Copyright : Please fill the IEEE Copyright form and send it. To open IEEE Copyright form please Click the button bellow

A participation certificate will be given all participants.

The conference is bilingual: Turkish and English.

The computer engineers, computer sciences, software engineers, computer security engineers, researchers, instructors should participate in the conference.

Conference Fee

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Paper submission

Papers must be prepared in accordance with the standards of the IEEE and will be uploaded to the conference database. Papers that do not comply with the rules of IEEE conference spellings will not be accepted.

Papers will be evaluated by at least two reviewers .  Correction and remedial notification should be corrected within the specified time.

Paper Submission Deadline is May 30, 2018 and notification for Paper Accept / Reject time is 10 August 2018.

Copyright of accepted papers will be transferred to the conference and IEEE.

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